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These Commentaries are brief position papers on various topics relating to the judicial election process. Click on a title to read the Commentary.

How Politics Affects Judicial Decisionmaking

Should Judges be Elected or Appointed?

A brief history of judicial elections in the United States and a review of the arguments for and against choosing judges through the ballot box.

What Information Should Voters Use When Choosing Judges?

There are an increasing number of voter guides online to help citizens choose their judges. Which kind are the most useful to voters when they are making their decision?

How Choose Your Judges Makes Its Recommendations

Choose Your Judges employs a unique method for recommending judicial candidates—here’s the explanation of how it actually works.

Campaign Funding in Judicial Elections

The conventional wisdom is that the extraordinary amount of money flowing into politics is creating a crisis for judicial elections. The conventional wisdom is wrong, but certain reforms are needed.

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