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Choose Your Judges

Choose Your Judges is an independent website dedicated to providing information to voters about judicial elections.

On this site you can answer a brief series of questions regarding your preferences about judicial candidates, and the website will recommend judicial candidates based on your preferences.

To learn more about judicial elections in your state, and to get recommendations about which candidates you would prefer, click on the map.

Dark blue indicates states which have contested elections.
Light blue indicates states which have retention elections.
Gray indicates states which do not elect their judges.

Choose Your Judges also provides facts about judicial elections and commentaries discussing different aspects of the intersection between politics and judges. For more information about how our method of recommending judicial candidates works, please click here.

Choose Your Judges website is currently preparing for the 2014 judicial elections.

New Low in Michigan Attack Ad

The Michigan Supreme Court Justice races, already poisoned by the excessive partisanship of the Court, have now reached a new low in campaign ads. A story from the Associated Press describes an advertisement created by the Michigan Democratic party against Judge Mary Beth Kelly, a Republican who is running for … Continue reading

Why So Many Unopposed Supreme Court Justices?

Seventeen states use retention elections for their Supreme Court Justices, meaning voters have a very limited choice: either keep the current Justice on the bench, or vote “no” and wait for the governor to appoint a new justice. These states are sometmes criticized by proponents of “contested” elections, which give … Continue reading

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Choose Your Judges is a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing voter awareness in judicial elections. If you have any comments or feedback about the site, please let us know.