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Political Control of Ohio Supreme Court is at Stake

October 26th, 2020

Democrats have not had a majority on the Ohio Supreme Court for over thirty years; at one time, there was not a single Democrat on the seven-Justice court. Currently Republicans hold a 5-2 majority.

This has a potential to change in the 2020 election, with two Republicans up for re-election. This Akron-Beacon Journal article provides an overview of the two incumbents and the two challengers in these races. One of the major issues facing the Supreme Court candidates in this election, in addition to the new district maps that will be drawn after the 2020 census, is a 23-year old case on inequities in school funding that still continues to create controversy.

Those wanting to see the candidates up close and hear them respond to questions about their judicial philosophy can watch this forum sponsored by the Ohio Debate Commission.

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