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What substantive legal topics does the Quiz cover?

We analyze judicial decisions and solicit voter’s opinions on ten different legal topics:

Criminal procedure (whether the procedural rights of a criminal defendant were violated)

Substantive Criminal law (whether the defendant’s actions were covered by the criminal statute in question or whether an imposed sentence was too severe)

Personal injury/tort case against a corporation/company or public entity (not including medical malpractice cases).

Medical malpractice (patient suing a doctor or hospital)

Insurance (insurance company is suing or being sued)

Employment/housing discrimination (employer or landlord being sued for discrimination)

Tax (government body or taxing agency is suing or being sued over amount of taxes or assessment or other tax issue)

Election/ballot access case (individual or group is suing the secretary of state challenging the secretary’s decision not to include a candidate or issue on the ballot)

Judicial Review (did the candidate strike down a state law or agency regulation—or did he or she refuse to do so when other members of the court did)

Stare Decisis (did the candidate overturn or ignore a prior precedent issued by his or her court— or did he or she refuse to do so when other members of the court did)

Choose Your Judges is a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing voter awareness in judicial elections. If you have any comments or feedback about the site, please let us know.